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May 3, 2018. Final Free Day: Museum Tours and Shopping 

Today was another final free day. As usual walking, up early in the morning, I decided to take a breakfast in our hotel. After that, I, Dr. Kawar and few other friends decided to go for the anthropology museums. There we saw and learn various cool stuff about the cultural anthropology; specifically, about the Afro-Brazilian Culture.The Afro-Brazilian Museum of the center of Afro-Oriental studies of the federal universities of Bahia resulted from a cultural co-operation between Brazil and the African Countries.
After visiting there for a couple of hours we headed for the light lunch. Even though! It was light I really enjoyed it because it was the very delicious salad. However, the Dr. Kawar's and Rachel's was so sour, so they end up with ordering another salad. It was pretty nice, fun to be out there.
After that, we had headed for the shopping. One thing that I noticed was some of t…
 2nd in Day in Search of Amzaonius Species

As every single day, with the beautiful morning sunrise, I also wake up along with the sun. By the time we wake up, the trees in the Amazon rainforest were slowly dancing due to the wind blow. The birds were singing with their melodious voices. After viewing some romantic parts of nature, the gang had a morning breakfast. The ship was slowly heading from one bank of the Amazon River to another Bank.On the way, there were some mini motels, and parks as well. Perhaps those are for tourism purposes and other small houses belonging to the indigenous people of that community.
Almost an hour after, we had reached the place where we can swim and saw the pink dolphin’s dancing. Even our guide made a joke saying that the name of the dolphin is Salvador. The beautiful dance that was performed by the dolphins was really astonishing. In fact, I myself was a little bit scared for the first time, this is because it was the first time I was swimming in the r…

May 2nd: Candomblé and Free Afternoon!

Hello everyone! 
It’s our second to last day in Salvador. The festivities today included a visit to a Candomblé center, participation in a traditional Candomblé ceremony, strolling a market, and individual free-time. 
The history of Candomblé is rich and my understanding of it is very basic. But I will try my best to provide y’all with the basics. Candomblé is a type of religion inspired by traditional African culture with Catholic influence. The religion was created by enslaved Africans in Brazil because slaves were not permitted to practice their own religion but they could with Catholicism. So, Candomblé emerged as a method to continue the teachings of African mythology, culture, and language. Our adventures in Salvador have had sprinkles of Candomblé but nothing compared to being immersed (albeit temporarily) in the center. The center was founded in 1910 by Eugênia Anna Dos Santos-Oba Biyi, a freed slave. It was the first community in Brazil that was owned by a black individual beca…

May 1st Free Day

Today is May 1st and a holiday in Brazil. The holiday is Workers’ day and celebrates the worker. Most people have this day off except for workers like service workers. Because of the holiday many shops were closed so today was mainly a pool side day. A few students went to visit the zoo. There they held hippos, monkies, birds, zebras, and a crocodile. The zoo is federally run and under construction in some parts. The pool is very nice and many students spent a few hours swimming and lounging. For the evening, two members of the group went to the lighthouse to view the sunset and get dinner. Another four group members went out to dinner and walked by the sunset where they saw a rally of some sort. The rally was described as people dancing but also had images and symbols of the previous president Lula. The last two members of the group went to dinner at a classy restaurant for the evening. Tomorrow we have the last event of our trip and then another free day on Thursday before traveling…

Salvador- April 30th photographs

The capoeira studio where we had our lesson
Students first had to learn to play the instruments that accompany capoeira

Listen to the sounds of the instruments

The mural at the back represents all the orixas of the Candomble religion, about which we will be leaning more tomorrow 

In the afternoon we had a percussion lesson from an all-female percussion group created to empower women 

The richest church in Brazil.  Built in the 1700s, the interior is covered in gold-leaf 

Salvador April 29th Photographs

View from the lighthouse in Salvador 

Market where locals shop for supplies 

A cooking demonstration where students were the chefs